The conception and birth story of Little Earth Health is one full of love, bravery, sacrifice, heartache, exhaustion, commitment, respect, community, and creation that enabled us to transmute our lives to become qualified natural health practitioners.

Prior to creating Little Earth Health we had spent our life savings in hope of gaining answers for a difficult to treat health condition we were experiencing.  This journey took us all over the world to many practitioners and experts in their field across forty plus health modalities.

In the end not only did we find answers, but also a deep understanding of the human body, mind, emotions and spirit, and most importantly, we found our life purpose ~ our passion had been realised!

Just like the little seedling that bursts open from the darkness in such a chaotic way, slowly but surely heading towards the light and into a flower fully bloomed, so was our experience as Little Earth Health was born.

Established in 2014, Little Earth Health is a boutique, beachside natural health clinic specialising in clinical and traditional treatment modalities offered Nationally via Telehealth and face to face at our beautiful clinic in Byron Bay, NSW.

Many years of exploring the healing arts have been paired with our formal academic studies in Natural Medicine to provide truly holistic health care for our clients.  Modalities we are formally educated in or have studied include naturopathy, functional medicine, ayurveda, advanced alchemical herbalism, DNA analysis, flower essence therapy, liquid crystal mineral therapy, shamanic medicine, massage therapy and many others including sitting and learning directly from healers in Peru, Mongolia, Vanuatu and Australia and receiving mentorship directly from Nutritional Doctors, Functional Medicine GP’s, and phD Ayurvedic Medicine specialists.

We have always wanted to ensure our clients had access to the entirety of our knowledge base, as such, we often will draw from a variety of modalities during consultations to find the right path to support them.  We leave no stone unturned providing the most comprehensive testing, treatment, guidance and understanding with proven results achieving optimal health and wellbeing for our clients.

Those who came to visit our first clinic in Seaford Victoria will remember our mission statement “We’re all in this together” embodied within our logo on the clinic front window.  This message has been with us from day one and is a constant reminder that we are truly all connected, we are a community, and that to deeply understand and help others we must participate in our own healing also.  We were very much our first clients ourselves, and we have been sharing our story, wisdom, guidance and knowledge with those who have sought our help & services ever since.

If you have read this far you will have started to understand the compassion and empathy that emulates from Little Earth Health.  Like a lighthouse beacon to all those who are also on the journey towards health, healing, and self discovery, we believe first and foremost before all else we are simply human beings walking the path side by side, you are not alone!  There is always so much left to uncover, so many different avenues to try, and we hope we are able to assist and guide you as “We’re all in this together”.