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About me

I am a multi-modality Natural Health Practitioner who utilises a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, and most importantly, my intuitive ability. I delve deep into my clients subconsciousness and shadow aspect to weed out the root cause of what is blocking their ability to achieve optimal health & wellbeing. Working with the physical, mental, and most importantly the emotions is my speciality and what I am primarily known for amongst clients and colleagues that I work with.

Listening to my clients express and share their life story while taking in all that has brought them to this point in their lives I am able to piece together the missing parts that have often been overlooked or deemed as “not-important” by others. If our emotions are ignored they can go on to cause imbalances in our body & mind by amplifying negative traits and patterns that we are unconsciously repeating due to our past lived experiences.

Talking with clients and taking in their life experiences enables me to see the bigger picture whilst staying completely focused on the present acute concerns of the client. Not only do I enjoy this part of consultations where I listen to and speak with my clients, but even better… the work continues post appointment as I dispense essences from various modalities customised specifically for each individual. These individualised remedies assist in dissolving the blocked emotions residing within the cells that circulate your body, stagnate in your body tissue, and even those emotions crystallised down into the bone marrow signifying how long they have been held in (this concept is discussed in the oldest system of medicine, Ayurveda, which testifies to this when it comes to emotions).

My customised dispensing of essence therapy is so important when working towards reinstating complete health & wellbeing, and also to bring about the clarity and understanding of why the ill health originally occurred. Personal insights and emotional breakthroughs often happen when taking the essences, and I am not gonna to lie… many clients truly find answers and purpose when taking them which just lights me up like nothing else in the world!

My passion for essence therapy continues to evolve every day thanks to the results it has brought to both myself, and also the many different clients I have met. Working with the essences has now become second nature to me, they have helped me gain a deep understanding of the human body’s energetic systems and how it affects our day to day life.


“The body keeps the score, it has no reason to lie.”

My Purpose

I am here to help you figure out what is really going on with your health and well-being journey. Yes YOU! The unique individual with your own history and story who is currently reading this. I don’t utilise a copy & paste process for my clients I work with, every person is unique and treated as such. Whether you are seeking added support to your established healthcare team or simply seeking a different kind of Natural Health Practitioner with eyes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances you are experiencing, I get it!

In a world of cutting edge science, studies, tests and publications, we as practitioners continually aim to stay up to date with and provide our clients with a buffet of the latest health options available. However, through my own healing initiation my intuitive abilities grew immensely and I strongly believe utilising my intuition is just as important to ensure no stone is left unturned when seeking answers for my clients. I’ve been told I am like a mirror, showing clients where they have come from and holding up one’s reflection to understand themselves on a deeper level. This process is extremely overlooked but it’s part of my purpose to shine a light on it instead of keeping it in the shadows, after all, our shadows follow us everywhere and we cannot outrun them.

Most importantly I am here to help close the confusing gaps, identify and release so you can have a more healthy and fulfilling life, I’ve got you!

My Studies

Along with my time spent formally studying Biomedical Science, Nutrition, Ayurveda, the meridian and chakra systems and correlating organs and emotions, I have also sat with many respected healers & practitioners around the world and experienced over 50 different health and healing modalities myself before ever taking on further education. Currently I hold Advanced Certification as an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and I am working towards becoming the first certified Master Practitioner within Australia under Ian White (creator of the renowned Australian Bush Flower Essence modality) which is truly a career and life goal for me presently. I hold certification as a Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner and I am one of a very few Certified Practitioners of The Liquid Crystal Therapies (Vibrational Mineral Therapy).

During 2016-2018 I studied an Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine but realised shortly before my clinical placement that my calling & heart was 100% with the vibrational therapies which I was already heavily involved with and practising at the time. My studies in Ayurveda did however reaffirm to me that the body’s imbalances do indeed start with the mind and emotions, essentially saying they are responsible for the root cause of disease. Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in the world and this understanding solidified my decision to pursue further education in vibrational essences. I knew if disease starts here, this is where I wanted to work, to help alleviate the root cause of disease and help people heal before the issue goes deeper into the body causing further problems.

Along with my formal qualifications and studies I have completed many other courses on women’s health and wellbeing, preconception, conception, birth and post-birth support, treating babies and children, life transitions, numerology, womb healing, sexuality, and trauma support.

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My Story

Little Kristi… I was due to be born on Christmas Day and a characteristic of mine today, apparently, started before I even arrived Earth-side… I was late! I was born 2 weeks after my due date on the 7th of January. I am a proud Capricorn, down to earth & honest to a fault, hardworking, ambitious, self reliant, realistic but yet determined, and it’s this last attribute that would come to serve me later when I was faced with a life changing health & healing crisis.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Sydney by a Nurse and a Firefighter as parents. I had always felt different, and most certainly felt the “black sheet syndrome” within my family whilst growing up. Dance was my first love, I found so much joy in dancing from a young age which took me all the way to performing regularly at the Sydney Opera House. Nowadays, this way of moving the human body transmuted into medicine as I began to understand how dancing is so important to the divine feminine, and also, just how important it is as women to move our hips, womb and sacral area as they store so much emotion and trauma. Now I am obsessed with female cycles, menstruation and cyclic living.

I can honestly tell you that besides having rather typical teenage years and completing high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to “do or be” in life and it never scared or worried me. Whilst everybody around me set themselves up for university for the next 3-6yrs, at 17yrs old being forced to pick a job or uni course may have held weight to others, but meant absolutely nothing to me at that age. What I did know for sure through my teenage years was that I had fallen deeply in love with music (so the things I would dance to). Whether listening, playing or seeing it live, I reflect now and see that it had its own place in not only my healing, but understanding it’s healing capacity for humans as a collective. Music is involved in every rite of passage in life, every ceremony, every celebration, how can something invisible to the eye be felt and move us so intensely, it is one of the most underrated frequency therapies in my opinion.

Immediately after graduating high school I packed a bag and flew to South America and my love for travel began. Since then I have driven through the Andes mountains between Chile & Argentina, stood at the base of the great Pyramids in Egypt, sailed down the Nile river in Africa, sat and learned about home made herbal remedies with families in Vanuatu, lived in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Peru to go deep within looking for answers and cures, sat in ceremony and mediation sessions with Mongolian Shaman and have lived it up in LA, New York, Paris, London and many other beautify cities learning from every experience and the people I have met. Little did I know this was the beginning of my real education, seeing how others live, eat, conduct life, celebrate occasions, love, express and heal, the contrast and diversity of so many possibilities were found everywhere, there was “no one size fits all.”

This would all come to serve me when I turned 27yrs old and found myself in an intense and life changing state of altered health. Not knowing what was happening I ran to every doctor, every specialist getting every test possible, I was in and out of hospital and no closer to an answer or diagnosis. I started seeing Naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners and flew interstate to see Nutritional scientists and Psychologists, no one could figure out why the symptoms were present but they were all happy to treat them, and that’s when I started to take responsibility and take my situation seriously. I realised that besides the loving care, understanding and belief from my husband, this wasn’t your average “illness”… I had to figure this out. I was exhausted from being placed in the category of “mystery illnesses”, I had to take action, I had to do things different to what I had been doing because that way was not working (trust me I tried so hard).

When you are on a health and wellbeing journey, you are consumed with the suffering & discomfort within your physical body, the ongoing pathology and testing, the endless supplements, your nutrition, and the list goes on… I too have had to climb my personal Mt Everest of health and healing, yet, I found that no one ever spoke deeply about the emotional imbalances on my journey except for offering some coping techniques such as breathing techniques, tapping and talking. Don’t get me wrong, this all has its place, but I came across a huge gap in the practitioners capability to help me move through and dissolve my imbalances along with providing trust and supportive guidance from someone who actually knows and has a deep reverence and understanding of the courage, faith and patience it takes to continue the healing journey when all you really want is to find that magic pill and gain your life back.

My journey took me to the highest peaks I had ever experienced and the deepest valleys, the duality of life honestly played out for me to experience. How could I appreciate good health without being unhealthy? How could I experience peace and calm without chaos & eruptions? How could I appreciate happiness if I didn’t experience sadness and grief? I came to understand that the body is just trying to get our attention, if we look back we can even see it started whispering what was wrong well before it started screaming.

Hopefully by now you can start to feel and see that you are looking at a practitioner that has walked her talk… through taking my health and healing on all levels into my own hands, claiming it instead of trying to give it away, looking at it instead of looking away, running toward it instead of running away… things began to change.

The journey that I never signed up for (or did I?) completely and profoundly created this chaos to make me pay attention, to wake me up, to cause me pain and set me on my path of both professional and life education so I could blossom and become my true self and the practitioner that I was always scared and in denial to be. I now stand in my power and claim this privilege with its gifts and capabilities to best serve you.

My story is not your average one and I can understand some may disbelieve, trust me, I have had to pinch myself too some days but everything I have ever gone through, learnt from, read, practiced and have been formally educated in has lead me to be the unique and authentic healer and practitioner that sits before every client that I see. My only hope is to instill the same amount of faith that I cultivated when I needed it most on my journey with you, whilst supporting you on all levels to regain your health, wellbeing and hopefully… your life purpose!

If you have read this far I thank you, as time is precious and something we cannot obtain more of, and if you are ready to start your journey or finally change chapters, then I can’t wait to meet you.


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