By Matilda B

I can’t recommend Kristi and the essence therapy she offers more. Finding this modality has been a crucial part in moving me further along on my healing journey.  

I have experienced lifelong struggles with my health and have searched for ways to bring my body and mind into balance for most of my life. I have spent my life battling a long list of symptoms such as severe gut dysbiosis, allergies, fatigue, intense depression, and anxiety.  

When I first met Kristi, I was at a point of frustration in my healing journey. I was working with amazing practitioners and modalities but wasn’t experiencing the results I was trying to work towards. I felt stuck and my symptoms didn’t seem to be shifting regardless of the fact I was seemingly doing everything right.  

At my first consultation with Kristi, I connected with her instantly. Her compassion and understanding for what I was going through gave me so much reassurance and hope that healing was still possible for me. Within about 2 months, after my second round of essences, I saw my physical and emotional well-being shift in massive leaps. My energy improved greatly and many emotional wounds I had been focusing on healing for years were finally able to be released. All the other modalities and medicines I was also working with started to work much more effectively in my body. I finally started to see and feel real healing.  

The essences and guidance that Kristi has provided me has reached places that psychology, naturopathic and functional medicine could not on their own. Combining the Liquid Crystals and flower essences with the other modalities I was already implementing has cleared so much from my body and holistically strengthened my whole being. I can joyfully say that my physical health and emotional well-being has improved in leaps and bounds. I feel stronger and more peaceful in all aspects of my life. I finally feel like I am starting to be able to live my life in the ways I have always wanted. I am so grateful for Kristi’s ongoing support. What she offers to the world is truly amazing.