By Peta G

I was in the haze of Postnatal depletion when Kristi came into my life. I had been in talk therapy for 7 years. I had all the tools, yet life still felt so heavy. I was still so angry, my brain so foggy, and in some ways still depressed. I had a goal to exhaust all of my options, give anything a go and wean myself off antidepressants. 

Kristi became my lighthouse, my guiding light through some of the darkest moments of my life. With the help of essence therapies and Kristi’s ever listening ears and generous time in every session “What needs to come up must come up to be released”. Kristi’s guiding light has changed my life forever. To my closest friends, I say she has saved my life. Physically, mentally and emotionally I am forever a changed woman. There have been many “lightbulb” moments, and I feel alive again, Kristi was the guide that helped me become my own lighthouse. Her wisdom, patience and non-judgmental mind have been invaluable to me and I am forever grateful to have walked alongside her and allowed her to share her gifts with me.